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Updates Information
Aug 11th
LavaBeast spawns moved, KO-Board Rewards, "Reallot" Command, "AutoPack" Option, longer item drop time, nerfed LavaBeast attack, ArC rewards in packs, CPs drop rate, Wars Time, Auto-Hunting for non-VIPs, Pure Skill and Reborn Skills in SkillBooks, bound gears inscribing in guild, Mystery Fruits and Lord Tokens no longer drop, improved ArmageddonPack. 2 New events
July 22nd
New Frozen Grotto map and boss (LavaBeast) for Lv.130+ characters, lowered Steeds price, buffed Trojan skill (Hercules) damage, removed useless items from lottery, and fixed skill (ShieldBlock) for Warriors. Fixes: Inventory space issues for SuperMeteorScroll, SuperDBScroll, Qualifier, and Team Qualifier rewards, and Pure Ninja skill (Counter-Kill) damage.
July 13th
Updates: Hunting rewards changed to direct CPs and Gold transfer, Tower of Mystery no longer provides souls fragments, new donation shop item (PowerExpBall), introduced Labyrinth quest in TwinCity with 4 floors and daily exchanges for rewards.
June 14th
Game server updates: Doubled daily quest rewards, new leveling map, adjusted Phoenix boss skill damage, boss encounter sound effects, updated NPC avatars. Fixes: TitlePack and KO-Board list. Website: Replaced events table with KO-Board ranks. Upcoming events: KO-Board Top3 Hunters, Bosses War, Labyrinth.
June 14th
Lowered Tortoise Gem prices, improved Monster Quest, fixed Pirate WindStorm Skill, modified KO-Board count, changed Violet Gems, added Talisman Quality Upgrade, modified Donation Rewards, removed Skill Books from hunting, increased mining rate. Website updated Discord changes: Some channels converted to Forum Channels.
June 4th
Game updates: PickAxe added, Super Tortoise Gem price decreased, mining rate increased, AutoHunt Token introduced, new hunting zones, and Moonbox back. Fixes: Alien Serpant Hunting Zone rate adjusted. Autohunting: Works on one character per PC, VIP6 only, with different drop rate, auto-revive, and auto-packing. Website: New donation total calculation
May 28th
The update brings fixes to reincarnation, DragonSoulsP6 purification, and DarkMode. It also includes doubled archer damage on bosses with bows, the addition of the Boreas skill to the SkillBook, SuperTortoiseGem availability in the Gold Store, Refined TortoiseGems in the Lottery, and a price decrease for SuperTortoiseGem in the ShoppingMall.
May 26th
Massive Update: Discover Exciting Updates, Powerful Items, Enhanced GUI, Revamped Website, New Launcher Features, and Critical Fixes! Click here to read the full details and get ready for an incredible gaming experience!
May 13th
Bug fixes for PvP rewards item names, TwinCityWar NPC, increased Pole HP, addition of the title [ChickenKiller], stacking of SuperDBScrolls and SuperMeteorScrolls, update for DisCity Stage 4, buff for Mining Normal Gems, decreased BronzPrize price, and addition of two new NPCs for Pirate and DragonSouls preparations.
May 7th
Updates for one-handed weapons skills, LordTokens submit time, +3 Stone Pack, and PosionStar skill. Introduction of MineToken feature, new NPC at the market, CityWar time change, increased rewards for Hide and Seek and CouplesPK War, and new TwinCityWar event. Addition of new items for OnlinePoints exchange, Sunflower shield accessory, Class5Money, and more 1-Hand skills in SkillBook.
April 29th
Random CPs drops from monster packs. Increased SunnyFox Item CP range. Account Creation glitch addressed.
April 27th
Higher daily rewards for Qualifier Arena. Increased VitalPill stack number. Fixes for Saddle Bag, Lottery Glitch, and One-Time Claim rewards.
April 25th
Increased saddles and meteor exchange. Higher rewards for ClassPK and WeeklyPK Wars. Tradable Super and Elite Refinery material packs. Fixes for New Bosses and Mentor BP.
April 23rd
New Bosses spawn every 2 hours, dropping massive items. Arena Qualifier and Team Arena Qualifier reward increase. New mounts and garments in DonationStore.